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Welcome to L.J.Keslin's US MAT. COM Ejournal of Expose and Comment by the Eighty four year sole proprieter
Where Unintended Consequences Resulting from Well Intentioned Laws Get Published.
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Election 2016 Review
Where are the commercials about in your face government rules and regulations ? Regulations and policies created by lies and deliberate misrepresntations creating the red tape choking the life out of personal liberty and freedom. It has gotten so bad that I as a practicing Catholic installed an illuminated cross facing the highway in my dooryard as a protest of the use of presidential edicts which in effect is of a war on Christianity

What about a commercial showing a toddler happily playing suddenly being demanded to pay its thousands of dollars share of the national debt whereby the toddler breaks into screaming tears ? Or a series of card tables collapsing under the weight of the mountain sized pile of regulations dumped on it by identified agencies such as the EPA, Obama care, or the IRS as these unelected and unaccountable government regulators run in and out with arm loads of regulations dumped on it? Especially the EPA just starting with regulations on wood burning stoves. Then go on to clearing up their shoreline jungle.

The leadership of the so called political opposition (Republican) will wonder why as they lose a crucial election because of their inability to stand on principles.

Take for example Obama's abuse of the "Bully Pulpit" to create racial division which wound up being continuous attacks on police ending up in a score of deaths. Best exampled when Obama encouraged through his second use of the "Bully Pulpit" in the Zimmerman trial claimed the black attacker who was killed (a 17 year old 5'11 175 pound Trayvon Martin) by a 40 something year old 5'6" black hispanic working security un an integrated housing project who was knocked to the ground by Martin when the black youth was killed in a struggle over the guards gun.

Obama uses the incident to declare Martin was a victim of whites who could have been; First his son, then Obama himself. Which that inflammatory defense when picked by black gangs wound up and was used as an excuse to commit a score of racial assaults ending in deaths and serious injuries. All the while this was happening in various areas of the country . Those assaults were met by stony silence from the democrats or denial from MSM because it was dismissed as a Obama miss-speak. As if he didn't have advisers giving him the facts.Shamefully members of the opposition so called Republicans chose not to condemn this but convenient to ignore. Thus demonstrate they are politically dysfunctional. Unwilling to work with or even recognize legitimate concerns from what they call the tea party who in reality are the Reagan voters of 2016 and unable to congeal into a unified working political unit. They did not learn from 2012,2014 and some continue to blow off 2016.

The Democrat in name only party have made our constitution including its guarantee of equal protection of the law a standing joke. But instead of shutting it or slowing it down by assuming their constitutional duty (funding) the opposition supported it. Earlier they refused to interpret and defend a pronouncement of secession by individual states which was designed:as a tactic emphasizing protest. With the reasons for doing so citing; The dispair, distrust,and disgust with an administration which has adandoned any pretence of following its constitional restrictions. Ruling through lies deception and corruption with what is best described as a soft tyranny.

Whether or not that root cause may or may not have appeared in any text of the draft of the many individual states resolutions supporting secession. That reasoning should have been acknowledged even when voting the measure down at individual caucus and convention meets..Because those citations (reasons) were brought up when a discussion of such a secesession resolution took form.. Certainly not racism Even when you don't agree with this tactic it was your duty if you were in a position to put down this matter do not to allow it it to be defined by the democrats as racist.

Sadly because this 2016 presidential election cycle began not driven on principles and governance direction but on personalities the desperately needed regime review of its disastrous policies and direction is being matched and diffused by manure and effluent discharge by the media's big guns.

Instead too many some even in talk radio allowed the controled media once again define the terms . Many, because they work within or seek approval from what they consider "peers" who are incapable of objectivity are unrelenting in the socialist direction they advocate, and refuse to recognize that fact.

. Instead of dancing to the tune driven by the media counter bringing up this little matter, never even covered by the media :

Use what the democrats did at their 2012 convention..
Suggesting there is no wonder why the regime and the democrats lie so much,
was because in 2012 at their convention had attempted to discard God, thus the 10 commandments and sin..

Instead the GOP ruling class commited a most grevious sin. Allowing the political opposition namely the democrat party through its propaganda arm known as the media decribe the secede measure as frivolous and racist. But secession was a protest which had nothing to do with racism. It was a legitimate expression of disgust the way this country is being run.Where it should have been presented as such !.

Unfortunately some in republican party leadership repeated the racist media talking point . Many RINOS dismissed it as insanity.

Public comments such as that simply demonstrates that as political opposition this groups leadership in setting up talking points is encouraging strife between principled members and clearly does not get it. Lets hope a repeat of this does not happen at the 2016 national.

When the political opposition (republicans) refuses to even mention their opponents debate (2012 Dem convention) about deleting any reference to God at their convention in their platform. When the democrats did so throwing out any reference to the Creator as an after thought was shoved back in by the chair which was greeted with boos and jeers two days later. Certainly hardly indicates any conviction to following God let alone His 10 commandments. Thus giving the Republican party a selling point which they are not uising..Asserting the present democrat party as presently constituted is not the party of your fathers or even the founders of this country..

Not refering to that 2012 episode when even dismissing such resolutions as secession as silly without considering or listing their reasons is discarding supporters. And what seems to be a refusal to use a political opportunity and level a potent political charge demonstrates where that leadership comming from.

GOPES are paying the price for failing to warn and inform voters of the hidden taxes and burdensome regulations in AHCA (Obamacare)

I've just turned 84. I go back as a Republican precinct captain daze to Goldwaters time and that also included Nixon. I've run successful campaigns for citywide and state offices and participated in developing material for the Reagan campaign which consisted of group signature ads placed in local weeklies and dailys espousing conservative principles signed by Reagan supporters in Illinois.

I was told by a Reagan state co-chair the material, who asked me to work up design and copy that this material is in the Reagan library .Shortly after Reagans victories I retired getting away from the insanity and moved out of state and delved into other interests keeping a wary eye on developments . I am as mad as hell and because of the total incompetent messaging leading to this national election loss by Rove and the GOPES running the Romney campaign. I am on high blood pressure medication and thank God I did not have a stroke watching the returns.

Now what the same bunch are doing and what many on the GOPES side believe is that Obama will be so concerned with his "legacy" that he will not knowingly allow this country to slide into a socialist state with government the solution not the problem and welcomes a bipartisan approach to the national debt he's run up .

The Obama legacy is his ideology and not addressing it or the consequences of his administration during the past election was a complete disservice to this nation. Instead these GOPES are on the same track citing MSM popularity polling crying OMG! OMG! OMG! running over to party donners citing the same failed schemes they used in 2012. If you have $50 million, $5 bucks,or even 50 cents, my advice is dont give these losers a penny.

GOPES= Chosen because it rhymes with dopes is an acronym meaning G government O of the P people E elite S snob can be applied singularly or plural to deserving individuals.

Expecting voters to know what is going on and relying on MSM to do so, and not confronting their blatant bias is just part of why our great loss. While there are examples of fraud which may close up the gap, the gap is too big to blame the loss on fraud ...Expecting GOPES to address media bias or Romney to call Obama a congenital liar or even point out that the fact and figures released by the white house were allways questionable is another. Let alone call him a "socialist"..

But the fault lies really in the messaging the Republican campaign came up with.

They violated the first principle, the basic mechanics of campaigning (without going into the sacrosanct"social issues ") which could be defended and are gone into after this opus.

These are the "Bread and Butter Issues" which affect everyones pocketbook. Instead Choking on political correctness parameters or triping over past positions on global warming and Romneycare. Both of which were pocketbook issues and mourned about when the election post mortum was conducted. For these topics were confronting these policies and sections of every "demographic" in the political play book .Then busy responding to pseudo positions devised by the demo-com* party (*no you will not hear that from any GOPES) and echoed by their hand maiden camp followers in the media allowing them to set the agenda ..

Romney ran a 'Johnny One Note Campaign'. Used a poison dart blow gun when he should have used a cannon loaded with grape shot because he had pleanty of stuff he could fill that cannon barrel with..

Besides failing to hammer away on what will happen when Obama gets returned; The Obama past due 2013/14 Tax Increases. The impact of Obamas gagging energy resources (a socialist construct never branded as such) with policies requiring reliance on intermittent sources wind and solar and that resulted in massive failure and corruption (barely re-mentioned).,restricted use of drilling, and the effective banning use of coal for electrification , and the restrctions on fracking, with the resulting prices doubling or even trippling on everything and where a connection could be made to those on restricted incomes forcing a dependency of government never made.. This was a dream bread and butter issue for the GOP which reached into every 'demographics' pocketbook.

They could have even ridiculed accepting the Demo-Com* definition of the hyphenated African-Hispanic -Americans . But nothing was said.*More on this later.

Then there is the impact of Supreme Court Appointments.. 18,000 new IRS agents and on and on. . Some were very briefly touched most were not and Benghazi/ foreign policy was left to languish.

Lastly Then there is Obamas personal extravagance and behavior refusing to visit Nashville after its disaster showing up at New Orleans after Mitt visited it. Even after the Christi thing if that was brought up it would have blunted the impact.

Instead we got a sales pitch on executive ability but not the reason why one should toss the old model and buy his. That print and tv pitch , 20 million new jobs, was given a discrarded dose of skepticism .

In addition Rove who I understand was handling the Charter PAC senate campaign played games. His material never warned voters that IF OBAMA GETS RE-ELECTED AND SENATE CONTROL REMAINED . .. OBAMACARE AND ALL THE TAX INCREASES THAT GO WITH IT WILL NEVER GET REPEALED Let alone tie into or cover the formentioned grape shot which would have perhaps changed that body. I don't recall any of that material directed toward that fact.

Finally they did not believe the polls which turned out were dead on. Even going as far as setting up focus groups which could have looked into what is going on . If these clowns ever got out of their cubicles and went out to local eateries and bars and eavesdrop into conversations and pick up on topics being discussed the price of gas was one of them .(chat rooms twitter too contrived). They would have learned their turnout projections were off and the sence of urgency to get out the vote was diminished by their glowing projections and disbelief never mind ORCA which should have been tested. COMPLACENCY WAS ENCOURAGED BY THE MEDIA AND NOT COUNTER ACTED UPON

Where I retired to our local small population (-8000) rural blue county GOP had at the outset good and growing attendence at their meetings 50 plus. At the meeting the Thursday before the election only about a dozen people showed up and I knew we were in trouble

. Nuts...This loss is inexcuseable, while I truly don't believe Mitt Romney would ever continence losing, I'm begining to believe that most GOPES really didn't want to see AHCA, (affordable health care act) otherwise known as ZerO care go ..

First off the Mourdock and Aikin loss.When it comes to defending a fundamental concept the godless ones have been pretty good at attacking an article of faith and reducing it to ridicule. Now the camp followers in the media were piling it up and the stampede was on. Aided and abetted by talk show "conservative" agnostics and atheists. The question becomes how could they have handled it ? Here is a suggested response (in all cases particularly on the energy issue which I posted in the Free Republic web site comments but nobody reads those unfortunately probably because of the many vapid reponses .

What about candidates with strong religious views ? What is wrong with this ? One response could have been used is :
I happen to believe bla bla bla is a non germaine issue which will have nothing to do with any legislation that may cross my desk and never will....At least I believe in God a political party God is someone members of the democrat party booed three times...(use the convention clip) ...and I certainly believe in the ten commandments ...I do not believe that an election to office is a license to steal or to enrich yourself ..
That strategy should have neen expanded to apply to key senate and congressional races (including Pelosi) as well .

GOPES disregarding the convention denial of God episode and not seizing and exploiting what should be a wedge issue between democrats. Particularly those who claim to be Christian and partcularly Catholics.

That continung refusal to bring it up is baffling.* Conservatives should bring up that issue and the use of hyphenation. As in hyphenated Afro-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, not Americans First. Pointing this out by using the term Demo-Coms, hyphenated democrats, warning long time democrat voters that this is not the political party of their grandfathers. But controlled and run by God denying radicals and socialists who believe more government is the solution not the problem.

Lastly the "immigration issue".
When is the treatment of American citizens in Mexico and their rights vs US treatment of Mexicans going to be an issue when we discuss amnesty ? That question; Should Mexican citizen rights be limited to the same rights American citizens are given in Mexico ? Has yet to appear on any US upper or lower house congressional legislator's questionaire.

Ever hear of reciprocal aggrements ? These are arranged to protect the rights of American citizens working or living in other countries.

Why is it when it comes to citizens of other countries we are required to offer them the same privledges as we do to US citizens? But when it comes to US citizens who get in trouble or attempt to do business in other countries they do not get the same treatment their citizens get.

Americans can not own coast land in Mexico. And get no title to it elsewhere. If they run out of cash they will get unceremoniously sent back or put in jail untill some relative comes up with the fresh. That is just for starters as for granting them voting privledges. Yea let US give Mexican citizens that right when American citizens vote in their elections .

OBMACARE is a 1.76 Trillion $ Hydra
A 9 headed Serpent whose heads must be decapitated all at once with a Firebrand otherwise they grow back and devour everything in sight
by L.J .Keslin /
Note this article will print out on 1 page at 60% setting
,What's really in the 1.76 trillion dolllar wonder and growing called "The Affordable Health Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare ,,...!; Population control,.Death panels., A Private presidential healthcare 16,000 new IRS agents .Requiring US to pay for birth control pills and abortions and all that goes in those 2400 pages of rules, laws,and regulations and with it. cost, 1.76 trillion and rising ..

To pay off a 16 trillion dollar national debt at $16.00 a second would take 31,668 years*. .. Not including interest.There is no way to "fix" Obamacare..Part of that debt is a 1.7 trillion dollar secret Xmas eve gift that was delivered in March 09 that must be returned by someone determined to do so not just exchanged .I'ts doubtfull the man in the Etch a Sketch suit will do it. Mitt has yet to explain how his "Romneycare "is working" A trillion seconds of time =31668 years

Two groups late in the last century led in Eugenic development. The Nazis and the Communists. Few know or remember how the Nazis began. First citing "health risk" "nicht rauchen" baning cigarette smoking, Then terminating Down Syndrome children, and then on to mentally defective children and adults,. then on to besides murdering opponents, races. All done to make the German Reich healthy and last a thousand years

. So you go to the MSM (Main Stream Media) the so called "gate keepers" for information about these things and you find closed gates .. The sorcerers in the media magically reduce a 2000 page Hydra , a Greek legendary nine headed venomous serpent that must be slain by a firebrand ,and morph it into the mourning after pill and a "womans health care issue."

The "gatekeepers" never tell you that Obamacare bill creators and the Amish are exempt from being in Obamacare. The drafters are on record actually calling it population control and demanding Catholic bishops support it.* Their statements are out there .But not mentioned by the so called gate-keepers but by the AM the alternate media, meaning radio talk shows like Limbaugh's and websites like Britebart's Government . Places Obama wants to shut down and will once re-elected *Joel Pollak Britebart Government .

When Santorum talked about freedom he warned that women surrender their rights when they buy into this monstrosity . That is what's in Obamacare which is deceptively titled "The Affordable Health Care Act" .Yet Obamacom tzars who hail from that foreign land, the deep swamp of Acadamica are all preaching the utopian wonders of Eugenics. Why it's the final solution (remember him ?) population control. Which is part of the Obamacare package.

Fortunately Santorum has not shyed away from this issue miss characterized as only a social issued. It is both a social and financial issue $ 1.75 trillion is in no way a minor expenditure. One of this hydra heads Population control affects US from the cradle to the grave. .but Santorum can not speakout and act against this despicable movement ? Particularly when that is being shoved on religious groups by the Demo-Coms . Especially when they are ignoring constitutional rights...

Private job creation projects rejected by the socialists controlling new demo-com party should send a signal to the Republican bleeding heart establishment . "Bi-partisanship" doesn't exist with the socialists who have taken over the democrat party and to the GOP leading presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Mr Romney should start realizing Obama is a "socialist".. Everyone including the monthly liberal magazine Newsweek knows he is but Mr Romney just can't seem to get around to saying it . Preventing an iron mine in Wisconsin for a desperate area in need of jobs or preventing the Keystone pipeline transfering oil from Canada to American refineries decisions which would have provided employment to thousands and reduced gas prices. was not on the new demo-com agenda.which has taken over. Common good is not their concern but their welfare is.. not ours .
Thank You


Presidential campaigns are crazy,hectic, things. You have 50 states with 50 different rules on filing. And, an equal number and even more rules and regulations for getting delegates. The candidate is not just going after the popular vote in that state but must also get their state delegates elected. When a snafu happens there were several most glaring was Virginia somebody is not doing their job.

The biggest mistake the Santorum campaign made was to allow the MSM create the issues.This was the failure to connect the social issue (population control) which is in Obamacare. Hence to Romneycare and his opponents record as governor of Massachusetts . . Population control is an integral part of that 2400 page legislation known as the "Affordable Healthcare Act" which nobody read before because everybody is to "read it after it gets passed to find out what is in it". So if the Senate and the House will not read it. Why should SCOTUS when they rule on it ?

Santorum could have done a lot better than he did in Wisconsin. As an example his website for the state primary campaign , Santorum 4/3/2012 ,titled for the date of the WI primary election and the first site googled up never got updated. He must have made 20 public appearances none of those were posted in that site. It had the his first rally posted and that remained there unchanged throughout that campaign despite repeated emails urging updating were ignored. Nobody knew who his delegates were. Let alone aware of the many rallys he was holding.

Delegates are an integral part of any presidential campaign particularly for the Illinois GOP primary held two weeks prior to the Wisconsin primary. I looked for postings in a national conservative organizations Illinois state page for those delegates and didn't see any names posted. While Santorums rallys were a bit better covered The same organizational problem was repeated during the Wisconsin promary.

. Right now the public and particularly conservatives are being badgered to take in Romney when during his campaign and after he has not made real effort to appear on most conservative talk shows or approach tea party groups. Romney has some talkies most who initially supported him carrying water for him and as they push 10 feet forward they find another 5 gallon bucket waiting for them to pick up. Usually some lib position Romney dropped off on his way to the White House.

While SCOTUS is set to rule on Obamacare in June I for one am not that certain we are going like what the court comes up with. Obamacare has got to be thrown out. The only way I for one will feel Romnney can fire up support is if and when he repudiates Romneycare as a mistake. Conservatives do not trust him on his EPA positions, and on Obamacare.

While there seems to be no chance of Santorum getting the nomination. We have a situation where a 3rd party candidate would be a disaster for this country. The socialist wings particularly in the democrat party with help from the established media both print and TV have seen to that. As long as Santorum, has not released his delegates and continues to accrue them he has bargaining chips to furthur conservative causes getting the government off of our backs and out of our pocket books.

A Hydra Is In The Mourning After Pill
OBMACARE is a 1.76 Trillion $ Hydra
A 9 headed Serpent whose heads must be decapitated all at once with a Firebrand otherwise they grow back and devour everything in sight
by L.J .Keslin
Note this article will print out on one page 2/s if reduced to 80%

Of the three GOP candidates remaining opposing Mitt Romney . Only one man had the courage to take on a what they call a third rail of the heads on that 9 headed snake called obamacare.. and Santorum had his character asassinated for it... Rick has been pummeled from both sides Called , a women hater ,, a religious nut, and ..a one trick pony, Santorum spends an hour discussing oil and the economy then 10 seconds comenting about pornography but guess what MSM and Santorum detractors will talk about... certainly not ,what's really in the 1.76 trillion dolllar wonder called Obamacare ,,...!; Population control,.Death panels., Presidential armys.. and all that goes with it. Including cost, 1.76 trillion and rising .what's really in the 1.76 trillion dolllar wonder called Obamacare ?

, According to the Congressional Budget Office a growing 1.76 trillion bill. To pay off the CBO estimated 16 trillion dollar and growing national debt at $16.00 a second would take 31,668 years*. .. Not including interest.There is no way to "fix" Obamacare..Part of that debt is a 1.7 trillion dollar secret Xmas eve gift that was delivered in March 09 must be returned by someone determined to do so, not just exchanged for a piecemeal fix..I'ts doubtfull the man in the Etch a Sketch suit will do it* A trillion seconds of time =31668 years.

What is Eugenics....? It's control.... and all that goes with it. Two groups late in the last century led in Eugenic development. The Nazis and the Communists. Few know or remember how the Nazis began. First citing "health risk" "nicht rauchen" baning cigarette smoking, Then terminating Down Syndrome children, and then on to mentally defective children and adults,. then on to besides murdering opponents, races. All done to make the German Reich healthy and last a thousand years.

Eugenics explained in common words is this. And it ain't just b/c pills, condoms, and womens rights. It's government policy. When Santorum talks about freedom he is pointing out :You surrender your individuality to the group to advance the greater good of the group. If your unhealthy or too old and you can't work for the greater good of the group any more, you are disposed of in the way the group decides. If there are too many people , the group decides no more babiys, kill them. Now lets take the word"group" and change it for the word " state". Women surrender their rights when they buy into this monstrosity . That is what's in Obamacare which is deceptively titled "The Affordable Health Care Act"

.So you go to the MSM (Main Stream Media) the so called "gate keepers" for information about these things and you find closed gates . Either it's not mentioned at all , or downplayed, and given Obamacom talking point excuses for their reason. An example of this is how the sorcerers in the media were allowed to conjure Eugenics which is an integral part of Obama/Romneycare known as the Affordable Health Care Act magically reduce a 2000 page Hydra , a Greek legendary nine headed venomous snake that must be slain by a firebrand ,and morph it into the mourning after pill and a "womans health care issue." .

The "gatekeepers" never called it out for what it is ..Obama and his Demo-com HHS department Secretary Selbelius who is a CINO (Catholic In Name Only and should be excommunicated period) .Yet Obamacom tzars who hail from that foreign land, the deep swamp of Acadamica are all preaching the utopian wonders of Eugenics. Why it's the final solution (remember him ?) population control. Which is part of the Obamacare package.

Obamacare drafters, who are exempted from being in it, are on record actually called it population control and demanded Catholic bishops support it*. Their statements are out there .But not mentioned by the so called gate-keepers but by the AM the alternate media, meaning radio talk shows like Limbaugh's and websites like Britebart's Government . Places Obama wants to shut down and will once re-elected . *Joel Pollak Britebart Government

Another issue is its constitutionality imposing a current government position on religious groups. And BTW (by the way) one group has been excluded in the "Affordable Health Care Act" for religious reasons ...the Amish....Again silence from MSM .Demanding changes of acceptance in what was traditional core cultural values held by religious groups and advancing eugenics meaning infantacide and condeming seniors to soylent green centers certainly does have a place in the political discussion.

Once upon a time there were Democrat voices who would warn when pitfalls of bad legislation appeared. Saddly there are no longer any independent voices in todays Democrat Party. Liberal watch dogs like Proxmire or Moynihan are gone . A liberal would be screaming about the benefits from private job creation projects like an iron mine in Wisconsin for a desperate area in need of jobs or the Keystone pipeline transfering oil from Canada to American refineries and support them.

A socialist or communist because of a political agenda,would reject them and they have. In each case the US Senate, and the Wisconsin state (hate the governor) senate dominated by agenda driven democrats killed both projects .They're not just Democrats but hyphenated Demo-Coms placing their political agenda above the common good.

The Keystone pipeline and iron mine decisions which would have provided employment to thousands and reduced gas prices. Their rejection by the demo-coms should send a signal to the Republican bleeding heart establishment . "Bi-partisanship" doesn't exist with socialists and to its leading presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Mr Romney should start realizing Obama is a "socialist".. Everyone including the monthly liberal magazine Newsweek knows he is but Mr Romney just can't seem to get around to saying it .

Where the Santorum campaign failed was to allow the media to describe the issue and reduce it into popping a pill. Furthurmore in Ohios case you had some local major market so called conservative talk show hosts ridiculing Santorum on this issue not just the drummers (as in venomous snake oil hustlers) on MSM.

Whether Santorum decides to shy away from this issue or re-frame it is up to him and his advisors. But he should be encouraged to re-adjust the focus. One way the Catholic bishops can help is use the mechanisms they have to do so...After all they have shut down parishes which retained the latin mass but can not speakout and act on this despicable movement ? Particularly when that is being shoved on religious groups by the Demo-Coms . Especially when they are ignoring constitutional rights...L.J.K.


One Liners Quips and quotes Conservatives Might Want To Use When Responding Those Who Fear The Truth

Updated whimsically
However we do appreicate an atribution to The US Mat.Com once in a while ...ljk More can be found at Run a $1,000,000 Campaign On a $1,000

How big is a trillion dollars ? It will it take 31,564 years to pay off a trillion dollars if paid a $ 1.00 US a second . . (A Billion $econds = 31.7 years) that does not include interest

Obama used the word corpse he meant the White House Press Corpse

Should Reports From The New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC,Reuters, ABC and most of what they call the Main Stream Media be listed as "Another unreported in kind campaign services contribution" ?

The new astronomical debt ceiling will only take 50 light years to pay off

When Michelle Bachman says "no dear I have a headache" ...She really means it

While MSNBC 's answer to political bi-partisanship ,Ed Schultz, is on hiatus .

The Noi-some Broadcasting Coop, (NBC), has a confused Martin Bashir throw pooh-pooh at Palin Bus....

As petty Katie Hunt of Politico reports Palin three car "flotilla" is practicing for the presidency...

Latest "taking points" from;The American "Stalinist Broadsheet"*, The New York Times *with attribute to Michael Savage

Instead of reporting economy has flat tires The AP ( Aspersive Press) reports economy is "tired" .

Weiner's; Weeny Weenie Wethered by Wagging Wonks
Note: the term wethered describes a castrated ram ie a detesticated male sheep

Salon ; Where the effete who smell like sheep meet to bleat

Man causes global warming, Health Care Ok, Subsidies for Ethanol ? Oh ! Romney is running in Democrat primaries ! Go Romney! Go.!..

Conservatives ..Conduct a $1,000,000 Campaign On A $1,000 Budget---------------

Mr Potter's Epiphany

Jan 6th is the forgotten feast of 12th night. The Epiphany is celebrated in all latin American countries as well as in most Christian Orthodox countries and begins the Mardi Gras season

This epiphany is about Jimmie Stewart, Lionel Barrymore, The New American Way and those billionaires supporting the Obama regime like Warren Buffet

A great character actor from the early stage and screen era from the famous Barrymore family, Lionel Barrymore, portrayed the greedy banker Mr.Potter in the film "It's A Wonderful Life".which by the way was a "clinker" at the time "

The film gets resurected around Christmastime as most know. The feature role was enacted by the late USAF Brig Gen James Stewart depicting a dejected soul on a suicidal bent who was through divine intervention given an epiphany by an angel showing him what would happen to others if he took his life..

The saddest thing is that with all the hoopla the film draws around Stewart during the Christmas season about this late and truly "Great American". Is his modest museum located in his home town of Indiana Pensylvainia has come on hard times and will close. Jimmy Stewart never left his home town, Indiana Pennsylvainia, (leastwise in spirit) and when available supported local activities served whenever asked and could . Proudly boasting of his roots every chance he had.

The "flick" that Stewart and Barrymore starred in raises a question. Could the role that Lionel Barrymore played, attacking the capitalistic system portraying a greedy heartless financier, who using other peoples money bought up failing businesses, and foreclosed properties portray the irony of the socialist system in real life ? Revealing depicction between types like none other than Warren Buffet a vigorous Obama supporter .

Buffet, believes in the goverment taking 55 percent of the value of any estate worth above a million after the owner dies. Naturally, since he owns or has controlling interest in 5 life insurance companys* who's policies exempt those who take life insurance policies from any of his companies from such government inheritance seizures.
source Christopher Cantrell "Robber Baron Warren Buffet" as related by talk show host Mark Levin

Wouldn't you be in favor of such a law if you were Buffet Plus the cash flow from those high premium policies going into those sundry coffers enable leverage buyouts of family farms and businesses who get raped once that law comes into effect. Then after dumping them to the highest bidder (sometimes a foreign or a compeditor which promptly closes them ) turning in a tidy profit to the chief stock holders

Yes it is time for cynicism but more importantly it's time for you to let your friends and neighbors know what's going on. The next time you talk to them about politics you might bring this up. Or even print this up and pass it around

Here Are Five Questions The New 2011 Congress Must Ask The TSA

If anyone wants to watch reality theater unveiling itself before their very eyes "Take a trip On A Plane". Watch a terrified 3 year old toddler and a member of a family of four from Omaha headed for a vacation flight to Florida required to have her privates inspected by TSA agents looking for explosives.

A Catholic Nun experiences the same while headed to a religious retreat, an experienced overseas and domestic airline flight attendant cancer survivor ordered to remove her breast pad (prostheses) so it can be inspected for explosives.

Why call it theater ? Because whether by design or a refusal to identify the source the result is the same it is ...Theater .How else to convince the sheeple that terrorists can be from "A Broad Strata of Society" like your your next door neighbor, not a member of a select group belonging a major religion, and without this agency to protect you, "your unprotected". It's done to expand that bureaucracy known as TSA

Are you the face of a terrorist ?

Does Michelle Malkin have it right ? Or Is this "The Broad Strata of Society" TSA should be looking at ? Michell Malkin 11/27/10 page

After 9/11/ airline passenger security was required to determine, those securing passage on an airliner were; Who they say they are, going to where they say they were going , and have no ill intent or were driven by a philosophy or creed to do harm to themselves or others while on board that aircraft.
    Therefore the type of security that was needed was to allow passengers to get from point A to point B in safety without impeding the normal flow of those using of that mode of transport.

The TSA began as a modest opt out supplemental agency during the Republican Bush administration where private security firms would be used but in areas where not available this agency would fill the need..

When the international socialists led by President Barrack Hussain Obama took over. Reflecting on Obama's election Obama ,who used seductive deceptive propaganda to get elected, philosophic opponents to expanding government claim .They said he would apply marxist expansive governmental solutions once in office.

They were soon proven correct. Very shortly after Obama secured the executive branch (presidency) of the American government in 2008 this program along with many others began a massive expansion. TSA is reported to have over 60,000 employees..

The thing about socialist politicians is, while using your money citing a cause or a suitable conviction that the public may accept without question,they create bureaucracies with jobs for followers in government. Then expect their followers to owe allegiance to them for life and the protect the government job that they hold,and owe nothing to those who are paying the bills, namely the taxpayer. Even if that position and bureaucracy is there for "Keeping Up Appearances".

Is it time to plug the muzzle on this idea from Pistole and pull the trigger ? The Transportation Security Agency is headed by John Pistole who answers to Homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano a former governor of Arizona who was expected to lose office (and did) to the current governor then Lt Governor conservative/ Republican and recently re-elected.

In an article written by Mona Charem in the National Review entitled "Look For Terrorists Not Weapons " insisting we should follow Israel's example. She cited a crop of terrorists found in other countries. Using security screening techniques by Israel and others .Not the bizzare draconian techniques being used by US andour TSA. Unfortunately she did not go into how countries with large land mass such as Russia, China, and Canada for that matter, screen their passengers who may represent a possibility of being a terrorist threat using internal flights within their respective borders.

While not asserted in her article in www.national a question arises;

Is TSA is using hyperbole in offering a paranoid rationale so Joe Sixpac and family accept and submit to bizzare draconian procedures which has not produced one valid identifiable terrorist* (*language which the Obama regime doesn't use) . But is busy creating a huge labyrinthine bureacracy (like the EPA) members of which might owe their alligience to the socialists running the government at the expence of Joe Sixpac family's, family's, family .

1st Question

The recent crop of terrorists cited by the National Review article were found in other countries outside the system being used in the US by TSA. What are they doing that is different ?

2nd..Those X Ray Scanners. How safe are they?...(3 parts).
2a.. Do they represent a health issue of radiation dosage to those that use them ?
2b..Can they determine the passenger they are examinining has plastic type explosives hidden in sundry places including body cavities ? Or discovering the explosive being woven as fabric is covering those body parts?
2c...If yes to the 1st question, and no to the second, then why are they being used?

3rd Question.... The Hand Body Cavity (so called pat down) Investigation.. Will that procedure which is intrusive discover material which may be explosive fabric (which could be discovered by a wand) ?

4th....TSA Organization (6 parts)
4a....How many employees does TSA have ?...
4b...How does TSA allocate the number of employees to a given airport terminal ?
4c...What are their duties and their salaries ?
4d.. At the federal complex outside Washington DC how many employees does TSA employ and please break down their duties and salaries ?
4e...How many detentions of passengers have resulted in a successful arrest and prosecution of a terrorist ?
4f Can this be done by a private firm?
5th Question////Ask Director Pistole. What the purpose of the touch inspection is? If he ran the idea to Secretary Napolitano or even higher ! Time to plug the Pistole's muzzle and pull the trigger!


An open letter to Hon Ron Johnson,Sen elect (R)WI, your states 2011 Congressional delegation, especially the 2011 entire Wisconsin Congressional delegation and the incomming governor, Hon Scott Walker.

Were any of the AMTRAK officials ever consulted in planning of these "high speed" routes ??This whole concept seems to be a bunch of politicians seeking to institutionalize their name in a bunch of costly to the state projects. Which if one goes through Wikipedia, it cites 79 AMTRAK routes were dropped because the states found them too costly to subidize and maintain.

There are two rail main routes which are in glaring need of repair. One is The AMTRAK "Sunset Limited" which takes a southern route (instead of routing everything through Washington DC)

The Sunset Limited goes from Los Angelus to Orlando Florida via Texas, New Orleans Louisiana, Mississippi, and? Mobile Alabama onto towns in Florida. That track has not been repaired since hurricane Katrina but is still on the AMTRAK route map. There is no talk of using "high speed" funds for repairing that section but of a high "speed rail" link between Orlando and Tampa.

The other is the "Empire" route which takes a northern route from Seattle to Chicago and services Milwaukee, which has a section that gets washed-out yearly around Wisconsin Dells. If that section were configured for high speed rail; Chicago,to Milwaukee, to Wisconsin Dells that route might pay for itself.

Many Wisconsinites don't know this. The genesis of the Madison high speed rail link to Milwaukee/Chicago (actually mid speed 100+ mph not 250 mph) was to link the state capital of Madison WI to Chicago because Madison was to be part of the Olyimpic games venue if Chicago secured those games.

It did not and time marched on but the decision was then never modifided to reality (because this rail link would only service a handfull of people) if completed as is. It's there, because putting it simply it sounded good!. And because that Wisconsin governor liked the way it sounded and would have a train station named after him accomodating a train that nobody would use.

Ideally if those funds cannot be devoted for other uses such as the repair of infastructure within the state of Wisconsin but must be dedicated exclusively to development of high speed rail .Then let those funds go to the improvement of the AMTRAK line between Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Dells/Portage Empire run and the completion of the high speed rail link between Milwaukee and Chicago. WHERE PEOPLE RIDE

Here is why

Spring and summer storms often wash out the rail link between Wisconsin Dells and Milwaukee caused by the Wisconsin river flooding the low lying rail bed between Mauston (which once upon a time was an AMTRAK stop) and slightly beyond Portage Wisconsin.

When that happens those passengers between Winona MN and Columbus/Watertown/Beaver Dam wind up being "en-trained"/"de-trained"/ to a bus while Milwaukee /Chicago and beyond passengers remain on the train taking an alternate route to Milwaukee/Chicago from Winona MN.

So passengers in between, in the towns of Sparta,Tomah, Wisconsin Dells, Portage,/ Columbus (Watertown Madison and BeaverDam)/get stuck on a long arduous bus trip.I booked a prepaid trip taking AMTRAK from Tomah WI to Chicago during such a washout. A bus was sent from Winona MN that trip took 6 hours to go the 100 miles or so from Tomah WI to Milwaukee. Because that bus wasn't direct but had to stop to pick up or discharge passengers at those towns the train would miss when that wash out occured.

If those funds dedicated for the Madison run cannot be be re-appropriated for badly needed infastructure use. Then let them remain in Wisconsin and improve the rail system here, Where it stands an excellent chance of eventually perhaps returning that investment. Perhaps even a car train as they have going to Florida, have one going to the Dells or Mauston.

While we're thinking about it. How about a "Hi Speed" passenger rail link between Chicago and Green Bay for the Packer/ Bear games ? Maybe Obama's bud, Warren Buffet might go along with that idea. He owns the railroad . Since he insists on rich people paying more taxes maybe he could instead take that money and pay for the train that wouldn't be used in Madison and use it on his railroad which would be hiring more people..

For another view on this subject checkout



While most everybody knows that those expensive curly-que fluorescent light bulbs have been mandated by congress and your incandescent light bulb will be banned in 2012.Let us not forget Lead paint was banned from maufacture during the Eisenhower years.

There are still some folks who don't know they are hazardous if broken, (leave the room to let the mercury settle call EPA for instructions) and must be disposed at approved EPA sites warning their little Freddy Krugers not to gleefully break them into a thousand pieces. ...The EPA now has this in store for any home owner of a building built before 1978.

?April 22nd is the EPA deadline when painters, plumbers, and other ?remodeling?sub contractors must?present their lead hazmat removal certifications, don their hazmat outfits, be ready to?seal off any bathroom ,kitchen, windows (which also may contain lead)?they may?work on. Then cart away those old fixtures to an approved EPA site (after paying a disposal fee of course). All this while charging an additional?"G" note( known as a "grand" or a thousand $$ ) or more to cover for the additional licenses, forms ,clothing, and insurance, which will be required by law.

?Passing that extra charge on ?to any homeowner who has a building built before 1978 they may wish to remodel. Of which there is an estimated 30 million laying around. This was done because of the government assumption that all buildings constructed before that time 1978, were painted with lead based paint even if they weren't.

You must understand one size fits all and every home has children under 6 years of age working like little beavers all knawing on windows sills and wood trim .Of course there was no inquirey into what happened to the millions of kids years before or the 32 years since then.

Using jingoistic feel good slogans, dire warnings, pseudo science,plus phoney statistics unquestioned by an agenda driven media, a huge weed like Jacks beanstalk grew and grew until like kudzu they, the EPA, are everywhere.

How?was this shoved on the unsuspecting public ? Its because the EPA made a masterfull decision to make the EPA a self sustaining perpetuated elite corps. By issuing its edicts piece meal through its regional offices. As these regional offices became staffed with the necessary inspectors ready to pounce upon any contractor?demanding compliance or face stiff fines up to $36,000 for violations. The EPA regional offices began issuing warnings here and there and in that way sane members of society borne in the 30s-40s-50s and 60s would not let out a?united scream of ....This is ?Nuts !!...?What Hell Are You Doing??.......
Clever Huh ?. The EPA has more in store for US.

Here are some links to the regulations.....This one from region 5? Note the empahsis on children
This from HUD
This from?The New Hampshire Insider trade group blo p&c BLOGGERS ALERTS in left hand collumn and scroll to article

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Scientific reports from Canada has indicated that the the shrinking arctic ice sheets have begun to replace themselves rapidly. Strongly suggesting the earth instead of warming, is begining to cool down. It is because of the reduced rate of sun spot activity.

Professor Timothy Patterson was not looking to refute the assertion that man created CO2, (carbon dioxide) was the cause of global warming. Patterson was selected by the Canadian government to study the fluctuations in certain types of fish populations.
    While doing so the Canadian Geo-Scientist found a correllation when certain species of fish had high population and then drastic drop offs. He discovered these fluctuations corresponded with sun spot activity and solar radiation vs cosmic activity. When earth cooling occured.

In publishing his findings the Canadian geo scientist the professor of Carelton University urged a go-slow on the rush for governments to "Play God" with global warming legislation. Blaming this on man made CO2 (carbon dioxide) discharges.
    Legislating emission corrections attempting to control a natural cyclic occurance caused by;earth tilt, sun spots, the magnetic solar wind, and cyclic earth magnetic polarity reversal, among other natural occurances including vulcanism, meteors etc. Any one of the former probably plays a very significant role in climate change than CO2.
    Yet ignorantly blaming man made CO2 emissions for climatic change. which is becoming rapidly discredited and a miniscule cause of global warming Patterson asserts in his article published by Canada's Financial Post. 6/20/07

Patterson reached his conclusions by studying deep fjords along the Western Canadian coast where deep pools of low oxyginated water exist. The Patterson study originally reported in Canada's Financial Post reached deep into the earths recent past of 4000 years of undisturbed sediments. Patterson found that when aquatic activity was highest and lowest in those collected sediments having high aquatic content

Stuff that fishies eat flourish when the sun acne-s up.

Had matched known solar protection when the magnetic wind was highest, and dropped off when earth magnetic fields activities were lowest.Thus causing cosmic radiation to intensify.

Then because the earth became unprotected by its magnetic fields from galactic cosmic activity. Patterson cites several accepted theories which concludes this then created cloud activity during such periods which drasticly increased. Thus cooling earth and bringing in its ice ages.

In his presentation here is a professor which made an important discovery while not looking for it, specifically global warming ,is urging more scientific study (like Pope Benedict XVI) is needed. That politicians including Al Gore, of The Earth Is Flat Society," don't know what the hell they're talking about". Strongly suggesting that the global warming may be caused by exhailing politicos rather than serious scientific examination.

Patterson seems to be saying before Canadians start investing in palm trees they should be considering better parkas because what goes up must come down and the Mexicans better move over for a reverse population flow. The Financial Post story was featured in The Drudge Report, and World Net Daily, which are linked in The US Mat's last page. But lost due to source link changes . To request the story Read the sun spots
The following link exposes the "hockey stick" missapplication and questions the infa-red, Venus, assumptions.. CO2's cold case

Finally on 12/28/09 this announcement NASA confirms Sun cooling upper atmosphere

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Polution does not cause global warming
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