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Our constitution should be viewed as a irevokeable contract which guarantees government must be answerable to the individual citizen not the other way around Where well intended policies get trashed by revealing their consequences by an 87 year old
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Today's so called democrats insist Americans must allow illegals storm in here by the hundreds of thousands despite their costs of billion$ in tax ,.which is never enough. Tax money that should be going to our citizens for their sustenance,health,education,and housing even infrastructure needs. But Americans must do the tax flagellating punishment because we're the very rich United States and must divert those billion$ to fill the needs of those poor illegals at our expense plus give them the right to vote. Sustained by our tax money which our chuldren's children if not aborted will be paying for.

What never gets mentioned in all of this is the lacking reciprocal treatment. If we applied that policy Because if American citizen ever tries getting any of those handputs including voting when going to where the great undocumented come from That would never happen. Would this continue ?