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NEWS AND FISHING REPORTS are welcome from the Settlements around Lakes; Castle Rock, Petenwell, Necedah, Arkdale,and Roch-A-Cri,Patricks, Parker, Coon, Fenner, and Mason lakes in Adams Counties; including the settlements of Grand Marsh, Easton, White Creek Necedah, New Miner, Northern Bay, Dellwood, Arkdale, Monroe Center, Cottonville, Rome,and New Rome,

Fishing info allways check with DNR new rules lakes may have different regulations.Trolling permitted on Lake Mason (Adams county) and Castle Rock- Petenwell flowages except north of Hwy G bridge (Juneau county)
Wis DNR    Adams County map lakes roads & info   Juneau County map lakes, roads, info

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To prevent the three billion dollar diversion of highway funds done by the Doyle (D) administration and used to support WEAC retirement funds and other state programs. Highway tax funds are now dedicated solely for road maintainence and improvement and cannot be diverted to other uses .This Was prevented by the budget referendum apprroved by voters during the Walker 2010 reform elections and was supported by the two state assembly members now representing Adams county Joan Ballweg (R), and Scott Krug.(R).
\( Note: Their districts are roughly divided at Friendship with Joan Ballweg represnting Friendship village the city of Adams and all townships south while Krug represents everything north of the village including Rome,Big Flats, Strongs Prairie, Monroe, Preston, Coburn, and Leola townships .)


Petitions are being drafted to request no engine breaking prohibition signs for semi trucks approaching the intersection and 4 way stop of highways 13 and 21 . The petitions circulated by THE LAKESHORE BEACON will be distributed to residents in the area known as Preston township bounded by Cypress,and Hwy 21 on the north and south, 13th drive and 11th avenue east and west. in the form of a questionaire to see if there would be support for such action and presented to State Repreresentative Scott Krug if there is.

This questionaire also deals with lakeshore property maintainence. Allowing out of state property owners with living quarters state license fee hunting privledges and discharge of fireworks over bodies of water during periods of drought.

In Adams county one of these improvements is a section of highway 13 crossing Lake Roche -a-Cri in Cottonville 2 plus miles north of state .highway 21 on state 13, Here wood pilings are being replaced with reinforced concrete steel supports and the road widened . The work began June 26th and scheduled for completion mid July-August.

But the re-routing, which diverts traffic away from the highway 13 construction has drawn considerable criticism from locals because it diverts tourist traffic away from small local businesses struggling to survive in this weak economy.

The shortest northbound local traffic diversion around that construction work is at the junctions of Hwy 21,and 13 . Some 3 miles north of Friendship. ,Going 8 miles west on 21 to Adams county highway Z, north on Z to county highway C at Monroe Center and C east to back to 13.in Big Flats.

Instead local traffic is being directed to take State 21 , drive 22 miles east to county highway G. Once on AC hwy G, take G north to C, then C 18 mi west back to hwy 13 in Big Flats . For notth bound traffic just outside the Dells WDOT signage at key entry points on US 39/51 encourage remaining on it to WI 73 at Wisconsin Rapids .

Here are some alternate routes to save you time and money you may consider

8 and some 16 wheelers
Depending upon weight restrictions Adams county highways C and Z can provide a cheaper and less time consuming route

, Going north, at the intersection of state 13 and 21. Hungry? First head east to Cafe 21 &13 with their big rig parking area a half mile east and then head back west on 21.or from 13 take a left at Inn Of The Pines and use state 21 and head west stopping at Bombkamp's Olde Mill in Arkdale west or gasing up at J&B Corners at Z and 13 Then go north on Z to Monroe Center and county road C .Then east back to 13.

Going south on 13 from the Rapids ? Take state 13 to Adams county road C heading west to county Z at Monroe Center.Perhaps grabbing a bite to eat at the Petenwell Pub or Bay Rest resort before \heading south on Z to 21` and back south to state 13. Big rigs can continue on to Z &21 and grab a bite at J&B which has space to park a big rig

Four , six, and 8 wheelers
can have a much easier time of it taking advantage of the many well maintained township roads. The best routes are going north on 13 ? At 13 and 21 .Or turn left at the Inn Of The Pines check out the items at Ray's Closeouts and turn north at the next side road; 13th Drive the Preston township dump road, and go north past the dam . At that stop sign at the dam keep going north on 13ih Drive,past the township dump to Buttercup Ave and turn right on Buttercup Ave .At that corner of Hwy 13 and Buttercup ave sets Dave's Escape .



The Cenral Wisconsin Lakeshore Beacon is discovering those about a dozen spring fed lakes located on the southern end of Adams County. They set roughly between state highway 23 going north to Adams county road M


    Almost all these lakes and ponds can be reached taking county highway G which is the county's eastern border road begining outside Wisconsin Dells going due north to highway 73 and Wisconsin Rapids.
  l Adams county highway G is probably the most picturesque by road in the state winding and meandering through hills and valleys bordering Wisconsin's eastern watershed. Where streams and rivers flow east to the Great Lakes and west where they flow into the Mississippi.


Send your fishing , hunting and community activity news to news and info we're not set up to accept attachments at this time to
subject Lakeshore Beacon Or
Lakeshore Beacon
1653 Hwy 13
Friendship WI 53934

That also goes goes for those along the Wisconsin river flowages of Castle Rock and Petenwell and any of the small lakes on the Juneau county side.



A mineral found in certain types of clays aids deer CWD. Chronic Wasting Disease known as CWD has been found to spread faster when bottom grazers such as sheep and deer feed off of pastures containing the mineral known as montmonillonite which is found in clays. The discovery was made in UW Madison and reported in such scientific journals as the UK's New Scientist CWD IFO


A view of Necedah lake has been can be had at Necedah Park near the junction of state highways 21 and 80 which meet at the edge of Necedah's downtown just beyond the State hwy 21 bridge and dam. The park was once used by various vendors selling everything from local produce to fireworks. The lake created by the Necedah dam which had to be rebuilt after failing is considered still too shallow to allow boat launching from the newly created park.


On Wisconsin's fourth largest lake flowage with several boat landing facilities Castle Rock Lake, a lake noted for its content of Walleye and Bass, local Bassmasters held a Bass and Walleye competition the last Sunday in June (25th).

.The first place prize of $1000 was based on a full field of 40 boats. With 2nd place $500, 3rd place $250, 4th Place $150, 5th place $100, and prizes of $80.each will be awarded to 6th to 10th place For more information email Pat Kilbey




A business change has occured in the Adams county township of Big Flats. Big Flats once upon a time supported a grocery store with a meeting hall located at county road C and highway 13 as well as a restaurant across the street until destroyed by a tornado. The tavern was famous for a mysterious dissapearance of an Adams county registered guide connected to Costra Nostra mobster Jack DeGeorge's son. DeGeorge owned a 500 acre Black Angus ranch nearby and the tavern at one time probably had more patrons that were members of the FBI and big city reporters than locals .

While lakeless, Big Flats main connection runs along state highway 13 and is sandwiched in between the townships of Preston (which includes two Lakes Friendship, which residents at one time called it "Friendship Pond" and Roche-a-Cri lake and Rome township. Rome besides Petenwell, has Sherwood, and Camaelot, dam created lakes.

The Big Flats business change the is purchase of "Bill & Rita's tavern" liquor license and transfered to Pinleland Camp Ground. Pineland located directly on highway 13 was limited to a beer and wine license tavern and sets directly across the street from "Cats" Down The Road Tavern. Cats is reported to be considering constructing an expansion of a new unit which is to be set furthur back off highway 13 .


If the idea was to give ethanol a leg up by requiring every gas station in the state to mix 10% of ethanol into every gas pump and thus force its use. When used in small gas engines it screws them up.

The utility engine (mowers,chain saws, etc) modifications are simple and need not be designed for dedicated to single (ethanol only) fuel use.

Fuel caps designed for vented on use demand, inert (ethanol accellerates rust) stainless steel or fiberglass gas tanks would be developed so that the fuel would not evaporate from the fuel tank. This evaporation may also be causing sediments to settle in the bottom of the tank causing problems. Non reactive to ethanol fuel lines would be off the shelf, and heated air fuel delivery systems to increase its kick would level its performance alcohol vs gas complaints.

Oh if only the Model T was still around but it aint. But that technology is in place in Brazil All Business emag The butanol alternative, a new process uses multi sources to produce cheaper fuel New Butanol process

US DOT . Wisconsin's enacted in 1925 gasoline automatic sales tax increase which within those period of years has allowed Wisconsin the dubious distinction of having the highest sales tax on gasoline (2006 per gallon 33 cents) in the nation. WTMJ am 620 talkers Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner shows played important roles in bringing these items to public attention.

That retro gas tax measure split both party's leadership, with key Republican and Democratic party leaders supporting a nay vote. The Nay sayers claimed the raise was incremental, and is a modest $7 a year increase for the average driver and would go to maintain a road system which is one of the best in the nation. Some Yea sayers blamed the governor for raiding the gas taxes billion $ fund diverting millions to support WEAC (Wisconsin teachers union) school improvements, Still others opposed the principle of automatic taxing sans a taxpayer OK.

The gas vote was announced on all local TV newscasts but the veto of the reform of non economic damages in medical malpractice suits was not featured on the ABC, CBS, or NBC affiliates monitored by The US Mat. The reform legislation passed by both Wisconsin houses and vetoed by the governor was reaction to the Wisconsin Supreme Court which ruled the limits on medical malpractice non economic awards of a previous piece of legislation unconstitional.

That ruling caused a national reaction including an article in The Wall Street Journal warning (paraphrased) that if that and a previous ruling allowing suits against against manufacturers (Lead Paint ruling where a paint manufacturer could be sued for lead paint even if they never made lead paint) was not changed Wisconsin is about to become (our US MAT term) a litigators lithosphere.

The no to,retro gasoline tax bill passed the WI senate on 12/7 then moved on to the WI house where the yeas carried and the Governor (Doyle (D)) citing (polls which showed residents are 80% in favor of repeal) he was (suddenly) opposed to the automatic taxing principal signed the reform measure into law.

Meantime the reform measure limiting non economic damages in medical malpractice suits lingered in the Wisconsin state legislature as well as manufacturing liability reform (Prevent legal to sue a paint manufacturer for lead paint even though they never made the stuff) legislation.

Commercials supporting defeat of these two reform measures blaming those dirty Republicans which want to take money from starving babys cropped up sponsored by organizations with curious names but sound suspiciously like a bunch of greedy lawyers.

The manufacturing reform measure which would correct the issue raised by The Wall Street Journal reached the Governors desk on Jan 5th. Whereupon Wisconsin's Governor Doyle on Jan 6th (Friday slow news day also Epiphany) gave Wisconsin's voters an Epiphany of their own, and practiced true "christian charity" by giving his major contributers (trial lawyers) a "Little Christmas" gift of their own by an expected veto.

The veto was only given the briefest of mentions on tv stations monitored by The US Mat.

Making up for a no veto Friday 13th,which was missed. The Wisconsin governor vetoed the concealed gun carry bill Friday Jan 20th and the economic reforms tort reform.

On Jan 31st 06 after much promotion and heavy coverage pro but mostly con by the media the concealed gun carry veto overide carried in the Senate but failed in the Wisconsin house by two needed votes.These were cast by 2 Democratic State Reps (Assmebly members)that initially supported the measure. This issue however is expected to be (no radio talkies push like there was to repeal retro gas tax Why? will be big election issue) pursued in the governors race as Wisconsinites gear up for the November 06 election.

Wisconsin campaign disclosures don't require an organization supporting a given piece of legislation to list where their money is comming from as they do with candidates. Its that announcement that is on a candidates print, radio, or TV advertising that begins with "a copy of our financial disclosures is on file with" and that is a piece of legislation every state should have. .

Note much of the above is follow up is from WTMJ am 620 Charlie Sykes and later Jeff Wagner's talk shows .Another interesting shard from Sykes.TEACHER UNION DOUBLE DIPPING. 80% of all WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association Council, the WI teachers union) school district contracts use WEAC own health care system as members primary health care provider known as WEA TRUST which demands a 100% district taxpayer paid health care coverage for each teacher . WEAC then charges those respective districts (taxpayers) up to 100% more than competing health care providers.Sykes cited a school district Cedarburg, where a Cedarburg school board member after getting competeing estimates from other health care providers found the difference for the same coverage was $1,000,000. Thats big bucks the kiddies ain't getting!


Here is another example of when local media leaves out facts about an issue it dies...

Tips on ways to prepare, cook,stew, bake,or BBQ, cat,and what to with cat fur could soon become an industry in Wisconsin as hunters get set for the great cat wrangling and ready for the estimated 2,000,000 round up of feral pussys preying in Winconsin's forests and fields. If ! Naww !

Local media is having a field day with "Save Our Pussy" hype, not reporting that it would be a change in a hunting classification and that its legal in other states .

Feral cats have become an invasive species wiping out wild song bird populations in the state and that population has grown so large that cats (presently legally protected but shot anyway) would be included in the "pest" or varmit hunting classification as is done in many states including neighboring Minnesota....LATEST... BIAS REPORTING WINNING. WI Sec of DNR has bowed to Madison PC types recently ruling that Wisconsin pussy is not feral just wild, therefore free to kill off an estimated 200 million wild song birds...more as it develops.BILL KILLED MEDIA BIAS WON.


   Here is something proponents of the badly needed Wisconsin election reform bill those radio talk show hosts haven't brought up.

The Wisconsin State ID Card appears to be a revenue producer for the state not a state service offered to its citizens .At one time it expired every 4 years (as opposed to a drivers license 8 years) that regulation has been recently revised to 8 years.

Question; if this state issued ID card expires does that mean the holder has expired ? Except for a change of address why should an ID card expire in the first place ?
Then WDOT demands a renewal for another $9. Why ?

Why does a Wisconsin ID card cost so much ? A Wisconsin ID card issued by its department of transportation is a ID card w/ picture, requires a birth certificate, (but exempts the drivers license from a birth certificate or a social security number which is below federal standard) two other proofs of residency and charges a whopping $9 bucks.

When Wiconsin's governor Doyle argues the high cost of an id card as reason not to require one for voter id he must be refering to what Wisconsin charges for an ID card. ID cards are free to seniors in many states including Illinois or they charge a lot less .

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