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Biography of L.J.Keslin

Name is Lee J.Keslin, Lee Jay, or "Kes," to army buddies and other friends.Born in Chicago,on November, Friday the 13th, nineteen thirty one, in a "very difficult" delivery, and has been that ever since. "Moses" to the guys from Bridgeport. Where I recieved that nick name for telling a playmate "It's a sin to tell a lie" who responded with "OK Moses" and it stuck. Many of whom have passed on .Its been some time since (the sixties) I edited and published an infrequent weekly Chicago neighborhood newspaper "The Southwest Advertiser" then I practiced my editorial we we.    After that I worked for a bunch of other and various publications, weeklies, a daily here and there, the national "penny press", trade publications and of course "ho- in" for pols. I am free lance available love doing self contained mailers.   
           Once upon a time I sat and worked for guys like Joe Velna, an award winning Chicago weekly editor, Jawed with Frank Reynolds at that time news anchor for WBKB/WLS TV ABC 's Chicago outlet. I mention him because he got a bad rap, he was a professional,without that huge hubris national figures sometimes obtain.Sipped n supped with Bob Bell (news director WIND before he played a BOZO) before he started clowning around and much much Much later I met Scott Simon  when I had my ups and downs.He might remember me as an erstwhile poet from Bridgeport, a famous Chicago neighborhood.

Outstanding Achievements
During the late 30's At age 8 while living on Quinn Street in Chicago's Bridgeport caught Jimmie Phelan putting water in a club house oil lamp calling it oil. When I challanged him he denied it. "Jimmie, I responded, its a sin to tell a lie" Where upon he answered "OK Moses !" Thus giving me a lifelong nickname I've always been proud of.
In the early 40's

At age 11 after a move to 3148 S Aberdeen (formerly Mosspratt in Bridgeport) living there until an adult. Kicked the krap out 6 kids all at one time that kept on tormenting me because I was the only "German" kid on the block (we later became friends)
   After graduating from Immaculate Conception grammar school 31st & Aberdeen went on to DeLaSalle HS and while in Br.Timothy's home room planned the Napolean incursions into europe with James Ward, and (I believe his first name was Tom) Moriarity which filled the classroom black board and was written up in DLS Meteor the highschool paper. Immaculate Conception parrish has since been shut, and is today Holy Family run by the Catholic Society of the same name. James Ward is food critic for ch7 WLS TV.
In the 50's

When in the 82nd Airborne Div, Hdq Co, 2nd bat, 504 PRCT, while on a recon patrol with SFC Martinez and Cpl Devlan testing the qualities of the 31st Div who were about to be sent as a unit to Korea . I decided to split up with "these nuts" who were going to get themselves captured (and they did after a spectacular penetration of the 3lst (Dixie) div caught with division colors) Written up in the 04 newspaper).But,new to the unit I just didn't want to come back captured. Deciding to bring back any info I could gather. I also got the latest password conning a 31st div art perimeter member (guard post) and worked my way back into our lines of course bringing back the new password and info on the unit positions Martinez had picked up.
    Because of a bad leg was clssified a "profile 2" (can't do much marching etc) volunteered for overseas duty and sent to Germany assigned to the 756 FA 8" Bat (SP) where I caroused Stuttgart with a Cpl Fisher and "Jerry" Greenberg. All these two Californians ever talked about was movie film dialog, camera angles, and lighting. There's a Gerald B Greenberg who won the Academy Award for film editing the "French Connection and later nominated for several others. The final irony was that I was assigned to another FA 8" outfit the 593rd which was the same outfit I walked through and got the password from when in the 82nd. Yes while on a field exercize I got captured and was I pissed !
In the early 60's

After discharge while working in trucking as ;dock clerk, tracing cent OS&D,claims Adjuster, rate clerk, also attended Industrial Engineering major; Time Study,Work Flow, Plant Layout & Design. Designed a multiple bill form for truck lines which allowed for quick shipment tracing on LTL shipments submitted that at Central Motor Freight Auditors meeting
Someone was causing the price of eggs to go up to a buck a dozen. (attempting to corner the market)
Having set up a systems consulting service Chicago Small Business Consultants offering a simplified method of warehousing mixed grade butter. Howard Goltz of Fox & Goltz contacted me to do a study. In his warehousing operation at the Chicago stock yards he didn't have too much butter but refridgerated one hell of a lot of eggs where upon I started asking one hell of a lot of questions found he had a seat on the exchange then I got kick off the premises. That information was passed on to a compeditor and six months later the feds busted him for trying to corner the egg market.
With $21.00 tax return set up weekly Southwest Advertiser after a few issues worked it into a 16page 16 M (K) unpaid circulation then went broke.
While working for a Pilsen neighborhood weekly Community Reporter helped set up Pilsen 18th Street Neighborhood Chamber of Commerce. Also had a collumn .
Worked for the Sorensons, edit rewrite features Nat Tattler,Midnight, etc.
After doing a candidate for Chicago Firemans LU#2 print piece Branded "Labor Agitator" by the "labor reporter" of Lloyd Wendt's Chicago American

Fired w/o pay for reporting a death under questionable circumstances (suicide)

Here the writer,reporter editor relates in his own words about a time when suicides were not reported here is what Keslin says
Once before I visited the Daily Calumet when it was up in an old warehouse and also owned a radio station. I returned this time to be interviewed by their M.E. who at one time was editor of The Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, and was hired. He was hired by two scions which took over the failing publication. One of which was the son of Time Magazine Publisher (Linnon), the other Campion of the DuPont dynasty.
   The ME (managing editor)asked me to do a feature on the ACLU which after a harder hitting writeup was accepted. I also worked the local desk did rewrite, edit, and the obits. In doing so I came across a release from a local funeral home of a young person who was found in a garage with car running and the doors locked.
    So I questioned it. In my obit while not calling it suicide because I did not have the coroners report I mentioned how the body was found and the services which included a funeral mass conducted by a relative.Just reporting the facts irritated the family who were heavy advertisers in the paper. The scions who were the publishers, not the M.E., not the editor who Ok'd my obit and backed me up, but the owners accused me of being some left wing wacko trying to "get" them refused to pay me.
    "I filed a complaint with the state trying to get my two weeks back pay and they claimed I came in on an "intership". In my defence I pointed out I was a top paid writer editor for the Sorenson publications,once owned my own weekly, and worked for several others. The state agreed with me and ordered them to pay but never did"

.I'm still working on "The First Book Of Moses" "A Bridgeport Ode  a neighborhood history of WWII done in chapter and verse) and told Scott Simon about it he was worrying about NPR funding (NPR always worries about funding) .My hobbies are designing and inventing, working with hands, fireworks (I put on legal shows using class C materials) Interests which will from time to time manifest themselves in this publication

Adventures in Politicoland

Employed as a staffer in several Chicago Mayoral elections and was active mainly on Chicago's SW side in Republican local politics from the 60's to the 80's. In the 1960's worked under Fred Byrd (who later became Governor Richard Ogilvie's Press secretary) and with Phil Krone (who had interned with Sen Paul Douglas) in the John L Waner bid for Chicago Mayor under the Republican banner.
    One piece of work was the uncovering of problems with the CTA police, approached the Chicago Tribune with the story who sat on it and released it the day after the election.Another was to a reference to a slogan Keslin putup in the Waner campaign headquarters which was quoted that all the reporters assigned to do closing pieces on the Waner election used.
   Also worked on the Thompson and Adrica campaign. There he designed a brochure for Andrica (city clerk) who out drew Thompson by several thousand votes.
   Was Dick Anderson's (Republican Committeeman 12th ward) press assistant whom he worked closely with . Came up with the 12th Ward Busy Bee's for better government program . At that time "A" was the select lever on automatic voting machines for the Democrats and "B" was the Republican. and several other promotions, designed a montage for Cook County Central Committee campaign office, as precinct capt vol during the Peter Bensinger (Republican mayoral bid) election carried the heavily Democratic 12th pct,12th ward,by one vote which was later challanged. He was also to do the same later in the last bid by Republican Senator Chas Percy (whom he met several times) in the 1st pct 23rd ward where also (was the only precinct to come that close) to carry Percy by 1 vote.
    Keslin says he knows how Kerry (who he doesn't like at all) and lately Mexican hopefull Obrador feel.
    Keslin says he was never thanked by Bensinger and says "a good politician would have and added the guy probably never heard about it the press was busy touting north siders where Bensinger did beat Daley".

Among the state officials he worked with were the late state Sen Joe Krasowski, as well as Ex state Reps,Ed Kucharski jr, the late Walter "Babe" McAvoy, and Phil Bianco Jr (23rd ward)where Keslin worked up most of Binaco's press releases,state questionaires, brochures, and print campaign material. Keslin always underfunded announced twice for alderman of the 23rd ward and once for state rep in the then 25th district. He also worked precincts for Democrat Jayne Byrne for mayor and the late Senator Paul Tsongas bid for President locally in the Illinois primary

Keslin explained the way he constructed a candidates press relase "When working for a candidate I tried to make my press relases always distinctive and issue oriented and even when attacking the opponent doing it with humor or satire. The lead paragraph allways led off with their name and designed to keep their name up front usually leading off every second or third paragraph with candidate identification" . .  
.A special note if your last name is Keslin.We are all related. This is not our european last name it was changed after the five brothers and two sisters arrived here by agreement during mid-late 1870-80s .Most even though we do not know each other, are in ,have been in, or at one time were in, a construction related business or trade.That strongly suggests a genetic trait. theusmat,com

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