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Serving;The COMMUNITIES AND SUBURBS AROUND CHICAGO'S MIDWAY AIRPORT including ,Central Stickney, Summit, Bedford Park, Justice, Bridgeview, Garfield Ridge, Clearing, Archer Heights, and West Lawn,
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Note This is a standing article about the history and the benefits of using Midway Airport for news, views,and politics of the area please scroll past feature article

Chicago's Mayor Richard M Daley announced on 3/4/06 that the city once considered privatizing its 2nd airport, Midway, which is a major hub used by thousands of midwesterners because of its convenience to the city and public access including public transport.

For example by using Chicago's famous "el" system a quick trip using the Blue subway line at the O'Hare Airport terminal transfering at the Illinois Thompson building in the "Loop" walking up to the L platform and taking the Orange line your only 20 minutes away zipping past all sorts of traffic delays and in Midways terminal building. Unfortunately at this time the Orange line shuts down at 12am and reopens at 5am.

To support its expansion surrounding businesses participate in a TIF (tax incremental financing district). Most of the benficiaries lie along Cicero Avenue with a very much smaller benefit to the east or west of that artery.

It is that forgotten area within Midway's "propwash" we wish to serve. Promoting Midways use providing transit and other where to go where to get it information to the traveler who wish to use Midway as well as essential information to those who live in that area.

If one wonders why the Chicago mayor announced his consideration of "privatizing" Midway Airport we submit cost of expansion and improvement is the result of the following episode the reason..

On December 8th 2005 a Southwest 737 airliner unable to reverse its thrusters and stop while landing, overshot the end of snow covered runway 31 at Chicago's Midway Airport. It crashed through a sonic (designed to muffle jet engine noise ) fence then onto the adjacent street (55th- Garfield) carreening into street traffic where wide eyed terrified motorists watched helplessly as the huge craft slid slowly sideways towards them. 11 were injured and one of the vehicles carrying a 9 year old boy was crushed by the crafts under carriage and later died

For the 2nd time that location, 55th & Central has had an incomming aircraft accident with loss of life. 40 or so years ago an incomming prop driven United aircraft clipped a gas station sign and crashed in airport confines with a large loss of life.

In the Southwest 737 airliners case the plane was comming in from the opposite direction and according to early testimony the pilot had difficulty engaging its reverse thrusters in time to stop on the snow covered runway.

Later reports indicated possible pilot error with the plane touching down beyond the prescribed runway touchdown point where brakes are applied and its reverse thrusters deployed. FAA officals said that the investigation of the accidents cause will take about a year.

Users of that airline should bear in mind the plane landed safely no passengers injured. Despite not meeting the 1000 foot FAA buffer (runway extension) requirements Midway has had a remarkable safety record. That 1000 foot required buffer according to NBC consultant *Jim Tillman former Chicago Ch 5 weatherman and airline pilot is composed of crushed concrete and not a paved surface To install it would require not only demolition of recently built homes but rerouting of railroad tracks and two or more major arterial streets.

Bounded by Cicero Avenue on the east, Central Avenue on the west, 63rd street on the south, and 55th street on the north. Midway Airport was once upon a time a golf course.

The square mile Chicago Municipal Airport was built in the 1920's,and the adjacent finger of land approximently 4 miles by 3 miles area bounded by Harlem Avenue on the west, Cicero avenue on the east, 51st street on the north, and 65th street on the south, was incorporated into the city.

That included the communities of Clearing and Garfield Ridge. Garfield Ridge begins at 51st st and divides at 59th street by railroad tracks from the village of Clearing, which ends at 65th st .

Clearing was established as a Village and named after a proposed stockyards which never happend. Garfield Ridge was called that because it lay on a ridge where 55th street (Garfield Boulevard) began wending its way east to Chicago and Lake Michigan. Both were areas of small tracts actually truck farms where produce from its fertile soil was sold to local stores and settled mainly by Dutch immigrants. Prior to and during WWII those small tracts played an important role in supplying the city with fresh produce.

After WWII Ridge and adjacent Clearing began to develop with by todays standards modest 5 and 6 room expandable bungalows set mostly on 30 X 150 foot lots. The area during that time was composed of 1 acre and larger truck gardens when Chicagoans would take the Archer street car to a turn-a-round at Cicero avenue and pick up fresh tomatoes and other vegetables. In 1960 the then Chicago Daily News ran a feature story about the last cow being raised in Chicago. 

For a time after the name change to Midway Airport (so named after a decisive WWII Pacific Ocean sea -air battle) Midway Airport was called "the worlds businest airport and it was with planes taking off and landing every three minutes.

By the 70's however with the advent of jet travel the airport fell into rapid decline almost misuse and was begining to look "seedy" .

It was then neighborhood groups got together and began to question authorities what would be done and the impact any proposed development would have on the homeowner. Those proposals ran from using the area for an educational facility (it was then owned by the Chicago Board of Education) to a large housing development, etc etc etc.

What residents of that 4 X 3 mile southwest finger of Chicago don't know is that there has always been plans to extend that airport to Mason Ave four blocks futhur west of its present location, Central Avenue. As editor of one of the publications in that area, Village View, this writer reported on much of the work fighting its expansion .

This fight was carried by two neighborhood (Clearing and Garfield Ridge) civic leagues led chiefly by Marius (Scotty) Gallagher president of the Garfield Ridge Civic League.

Gallagher a retired electrician from the Chicago Park district began to research the problems associated with the requirement of jet planes and as president of the Garfield Ridge civic league early on warned based on the type of aircraft offered to commercial carriers the airport was unsafe for the jets used at the time.

What changed was the type of aircraft now being used and techniques in driving them. Until now most of the discussion between authorities and the civic groups was about sound proofing with the larger O'Hare (Orchard Field) getting preferential treatment.

Now that an accident has happened it is inevitable something will be done if nothing else simply to protect the heavy investment, hundreds of millions, the city has made into its operation.

The question is what and how much of these neighborhoods will be destroyed.

When that happens much of what the residents knew as "Old Clearing" will be gone as well as sizable chunks of Garfield Ridge (more to follow).
*Oops: An earlier US MAT report had Tillman's first name as Rodger not Jim.


Patrick Quinn burst on the Illinois Democratic party scene initially as a reform advocate.(detractors refer to him as "populist") Promoting a state legislature reform organizing a petition effort which stopped the practice allowing state representatives of collecting their two year salary in advance. But in another effort pushed a "reform" which is still being questioned that had the unintended consequence of destroying the Republican party.

Illinois like most states has a House and Senate bi-cameral legislature. Where Illinois differed was that each Illinois House legislative district had three state representatives. Two from the majority party and one from the minority party.

These were elected through a process known as cumulative voting begun in 1870 .

In 1980 Quinn, citing the economic benefits of eliminating this unique experiment in democracy initiated the petition drive which was successful. With it the "weighted vote" in which a candidate in a political party could be assigned a proportional vote corresponding to the field of candidates representing a political party received the most votes in either category of two, majority, and minority, represented that district. With that change one party control was firmly established and local political opposition eliminated.


They Do Have Them What Do They Do ?

Cook county clerk DAVID ORR who when elections clerk was very even handed in administering his office had a better map which listed which city wards the county commissioners represented.Cook county IL Comissioners map link on left hand side .Cook county Republican

The Chicago city council is composed of 50 Aldermen from the same number of wards. A Chicago ward is made up of usually 72 precincts averaging about 350 voters in each precinct. Most wards consist of one or more established communities with their own individual identities.

The yearly salary as Aldermen which also may or may not include include special expences is $98,185.00 yearly. They will be getting a cost of living increase. Original Gerrymander )at least 5 o run against them requires a very large purse starting at, at least $75,000 and should include at least two saturation direct mailings Candidates in Chicago's Feb 27th City election Aldermanic Candidate List. .. Chicago City Council


The agency used to issue Illinois drivers licenses,profit and non profit incorporation and in charge of many state buildings is once again in the headlines for corruption with Fed charges which may implicate Jesse White Illinois Secretary of State. Apparently White had a publicist paid by ISS $72,000 a year to write his biography and an employee gets a 300% from $36,000 to $120,000 pay raise, (reportedly his daughter) . Fed Payrolling trials in Illinois Secretary of State opens in Peoria Sep 16th. Two links to state campaigns Galesburg Register Mail   Illinois Secretary of State

In an exclusive article in Consumer htm the US Mat tells of a Wisconsin resident erroneously entered as an Illinois resident in a Wisconsin DUI case in 1987 and the problems encountered trying to get but unable to get a drivers license because it was stuck in the reciprocity matrix.

During the White administration after sending several letters to the ISS LaSalle street hearing office in Chicago explaining the person was a legal Wisconsin resident and not a Illinois resident which went ignored. A registered receipt required letter was sent explaining the situation only to have someone at that ISS office refuse the letter and returned, which The US Mat has .

The article also details the problems out of state lawyers have with dealing with the Illinois Secretary of State in clearing reciprocal DUI cases with ISS insisting the out of state alcohol programs do not meet ISS standards.

One reason why the ISS does this the article suggests is that those "classes" are administered by political contributers to the Illinois Secretary of State. Wether or not this is the case in any event "specialists" are required to deal with the reciprocal problems when dealing with ISS. (for more on this subject also go to consumers.htm) (for more on this subject also go to consumers.htm)For more about Rutherford Dan Rutherford
Go Cubs"-"keep on trucking" Chicago City Clerk Jim Laski federal indictment who resigned and is movin on and has 2 years unbreakable lease in a bigger house.

The southwest sider got punished by the Cubs ghost Goat because secretly he's a White Sox fan

and thats not a rumniant of imagination ,

He should have changed the go cubs password.

See da goat did it!

I knew James and his predecessor Wally K (been at his house) too bad I liked both of them. Chi Sun Times profile Req Laski 1/15/profile by CST reporter s fornek Accurate profile Does not identify community near Midway Airport; Garfield Ridge,or password "Go Cubs" used for favored treatment. Chi Trib story Chi Trib Cubs owner 1/14/06 editorial who's conclusion does seem to agree with US MAT does explain how "Go Cubs" password was used.
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HUTZPAH ArchDuke William O Lipinski (D) Cong IL 3rd has decided to send his kid to congress the old fashion way, Give him his seat!(see Chicago section, Chicago A Proud Queen courted by 50 duchies). Now the Stroger's are are setting up their own dynasty with the resignation of stroke ridden Stroger to be replaced by Alderman Stroger his son.

Congressman (also Arch Duke) WILLIAM (BILL) O LIPINSKI (D)IL 3rd after a meeting attended by other CHICAGO ARCHDUKES,including;IL House Speaker (D) (ARCHDUKE) MICHAEL (the Ghost,nobody knows what he looks like in his district)) MADIGAN, and other head nodders has decided to move Lipinski's son, a college prof in Tennesee, to Chicago to run for his congressional seat. The announcement was made as mother *ROSE MARIE LIPINSKI, no she is not Chicago Tribune editorial director ANN MARIE LIPINSKI that's a different Lipinski. proudly looked on. Its not clear if ARCHBISHOP ED BURKE was there.( See Chicago/Bridgeport SW side history poetry section in this page

BESIDE WLS THERE'S THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK CHICAGO'S WIND. Their syndicated only (non local) talk show host line up includes; BILL BENNET, LAURA INGRAHM, MICHAEL MEDVED, MICHAEL SAVAGE, MIKE GALLAGHER, DENNIS PRAGER, and HUGH HEWETT, among others.WIND am 560 lineup w/ talk show hosts page links

Anybody Remember the Cook County
Board President Race of 1990

   And the flap between between Judge Eugene Pincham,Angelo DeAngelis, and Mr.Phelan? Here is the way staff political cartoonist Moses saw it

Angelo DeAngelis was a respected Republican state senator from the south suburbs of Chicago making a serious attempt at being the first Republican president of the Cook County board since Richard Ogilvie 30 years before.He soon found that drawing democratic party blood between two party stalwarts Mr Phelan, running for the office and Judge Eugene Pincham, who had a great following in the black community doesn't happen.Whether Pincham ever collected his "marker"(ie political IOU)(another Chicago political myth)is not clear.For the Chicago river is filled with "political markers"especially the south fork known as "Bubbly Creek"  Pincham is arising from a "magic lamp"(an obvious play on his first name)  which is not shown which was rubbed the wrong way.

Republican Congressman Henry Hyde Retirement
Chicago's WLS am talk show co-host DON WADE of the Don Wade and Roma weekday 5-9am show chipped away at Chicago's Ch 7's ABC WLS TV political editor ANDY SHAW,and the bias used in a set up piece on the Illinois Republican's retirement announcement. Using Shaw's own words taken from his TV cast. Wade demonstrated how Shaw, who did not bring up Hyde's past record or future plans, instead used the ocassion to attack Republicans for impeaching ex President Clinton suggesting it was a without merit political vendeta. Clinton was found guilty of obstruction of justice, and lying under oath. Included in his playback of Shaw's TV interview with Hyde, were factually fabricated statements by Shaw which were debunked by Wade.



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